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BrewHound is a women + veteran created, operated + founded local business. We are a business with a purpose & that purpose is to spread love.


The love of dogs is what initially inspired this passionate idea, with a deep desire to create a space not only for them, but for community connection.  Where folks can come together and bond and forge relationships over their common love of pups.


With the ideas inception, we didn’t foresee the overwhelming, authentic love that would be showered upon this place… the deep connections made between folks of all ages, backgrounds + constitutions.  It’s been pure magic to witness + we are humbled by the love we too experience here.


And we wouldn’t be able to make this all possible without our ever expanding BrewHound Fam of unique, talented, compassionate, individuals.  We love & appreciate everyone who has & continues to step through our gates, thank you for being a part of this magic




Park Layout

the splash pad for dogs with some playing located at brewhound dog park + bar in neptune beach fl

The Yard


The Yard is BrewHounds off-leash dog park. We’ve dedicated the majority of our property for your dog to unleash all their playful energy.The Yard features:

– Pet friendly turf grass
– Separately fenced areas for large and small dogs
– Cool, Shady areas
– The Doggie Splash Pad

Along with all the fun and excitement, BrewHound has brought on trained ”Ruffarees” to maintain a friendly and safe environment. Access to The Yard is member-based. BrewHound offers Daily, Monthly and Yearly memberships. 

The Porch

The porch is a covered, cabin-like structure with a concession style bar. This is where people can relax and enjoy conversation, refreshments and the outdoors. 
The Porch features:

– A beer garden of locally sourced craft beer on tap
– Wine on tap
– Bold Bean specialty coffee + Yum Cha Tea
– Specialty canned beers + spirits 

No membership is required to enter The Porch and leashed dogs are welcome! Check out the events page to see upcoming events at

Picture at night with many people and pets enjoying brewhounds off leash dog park.

BrewHound + The Environment

Environmental consciousness is extremely important to us at BrewHound. We strive to make as little trash as possible, recycle whatever we can and protect the great outdoors and its resources

We also utilize the following green business practices:

  • Incorporation of renewably and/or sustainably sourced construction materials

  • Installation of solar panels and sky lights

  • Digital communication where feasible to save those trees

  • Use of hand dryers vs. paper towels

  • Use of reusable drink wear

  • Recycling all items possible including coffee grounds for gardeners

  • Installation of low flow toilets

  • & other eco-friendly methods realized along the way

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