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Memberships are the best way to stay connected to our BrewHound community. A variety of membership options are available to accommodate you: visit for a day, sign up for a month or be an annual pass holder. If you have more than one pup, bring them all!

How do I join BrewHound?

  1. If your dog is older than 10 months, we require that they are spayed or neutered and is current on Distemper and Rabies Vaccinations. If you're good with that, go to "Membership Portal" and select the "New Customer" option.

  2. Fill out the online registration form and digitally sign two waivers acknowledging park rules and liability waiver.

  3. On your first visit, please bring proof of up-to-date Rabies and Distemper vaccinations.
    Now you're in our system! You can come visit anytime and purchase a pass!

Membership Portal

Everyone is welcome on leash on "the porch"! No paperwork needed and no fees! Come hang with us!
Keep scrolling to see the Membership Packages we offer along with
Park Rules at the bottom

Palm Benefits


  • Access to "The Yard"
  • BrewHound decal & coozie
  • Newsletter with local business discount

    ***$40 / Additional Dog

Oak Benefits


  • All Palm Benefits
  • Free entry to ticketed events
  • 5 free day passes to gift
  • Oak Member Mug
  • Free Drink Friday
  • Swag Gift (T-shirt or Hat)
  • 1 free Bold Bean drip coffee or loose leaf tea per week

    ***$20 / Additional Dog

Cypress Benefits


  • All Palm Benefits
  • 5 free day passes to gift
  • 1 free Bold Bean drip coffee or loose leaf tea per week
  • Swag Gift (T-shirt or Hat)

    ***$30 / Additional Dog

Monthly Membership

$25 per Dog

This includes access to “The Yard”, BrewHounds off-leash park area for 1 dog for 30 continuous days

Daily Pass

$8 per Dog

This includes access to “The Yard”, BrewHounds off-leash park area for 1 dog for 1 day.

Park Rules

  1. Any person is welcome on the porch with or without membership. ALL dogs are welcome on-leash on the porch and no membership is required.

  2. Dogs must be on-leash unless they are in the off-leash yard; in the off-leash yard, dogs must be off-leash.

  3. The dog park is for dogs, their parent(s), and those guests that may be accompanying them. Membership is required for the off-leash yard. All users must be registered members with BrewHound (or a human guest of a member) to receive access to the off- leash yard.

  4. By entering the yard, you permit BrewHound staff to handle your dog and break up any fights that may ensue.

  5. Members must either retain possession of their leashes or utilize leash racks. BrewHound is not responsible for lost leashes; however we will do what we can to help you find them.

  6. Only flat-buckle collars or harnesses should be worn by dogs in the off-leash yard. Prong, pinch, choke and electric collars are not allowed in the park.

  7. Prior to gaining access to the off-leash yard, you must check in with BrewHound staff and enter the park in a calm manner.

  8. Although Ruffarees are available in the park to help supervise your dog, they are not intended to be the sole monitor. Make sure you are checking on your dog(s) periodically if you are not in the yard.

  9. At NO point can you leave the property without your dog. This may result in revocation of membership.

  10. Use of the dog park is at your own risk. BrewHound will utilize yard monitors to mitigate for safety risks; however, each owner is solely responsible for their and their dog's actions and assumes all liability for damages suffered by any person or dog injured by the member or the member's dog(s) while utilizing the dog park.

  11. No bullies. Rough play is acceptable as long as it is consensual. Rough play is not accepted if the dogs involved aren’t comfortable with the situation. Mounting should be discouraged as it is generally not enjoyed by the dog being mounted. If behavior ensues alteractions are taken to stop the activity, the dog may need to be fully supervised by the owner or asked to take a time-out.

  12. No smoking and no food or treats are permitted in the dog park. Beverages purchased at the bar are permitted in the park, however we ask that you please remain responsible for your drink and the safety of it while dogs are running around and jumping for joy.  Outside drinks are NOT PERMITTED (outside food is), we do encourage bringing your own empty coffee mug or water bottle (free filtered water provided)!

  13. For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 are NOT permitted in the off-leash area. Children outside the off-leash area must not be allowed to scream, chase the dogs or pet another person’s dog without first getting that person’s permission.

  14.  For safety reasons, all dogs 10 months or older must be fixed to be permitted in the off-leash yard. Aggressive dogs are not permitted in the off-leash yard.

  15. Members are to clean up after their dog(s). All waste must be bagged and disposed of properly in the marked receptacles.

  16. Members are encouraged to accompany and monitor their dog(s).

  17. If aggressive behavior is observed, immediate action will be taken: your dog(s) may be pulled from the pack and ruffarees will do whatever they have to do to prevent the behavior from reoccurring (time-out, redirect behavior, etc.) IF this aggressive behavior persists, we reserve the right to ask for the parent to take the dog for a time-out or to you may be asked to remove your dog(s)from the yard/premises until they can play nicely.

  18. Dog fights. Some experts recommend the following method for breaking up a dog fight: each owner grabs their own dog by the nape of the neck and pull up and out away from the other dog, then hold onto the dog until they calm down. No method is risk-free, even your own dog could still bite you. Ruffarees are trained to read signs of aggression before a fight starts, but they cannot always be prevented.

  19. Tennis type balls are not permitted in the park to avoid possessive behavior. Park equipment is to be used at one’s own risk.

  20. Members are responsible to ensure their dog(s) do not dig holes or cause other damage to park plants or property. If digging ensues after actions are taken to stop the activity, the dog may need to be fully supervised by the owner.

  21. All dogs entering the dog park must be up to date on shots, including rabies vaccines. Dogs with contagious health conditions are not permitted in the park.

  22. If for any reason, we must close the off-leash yard briefly to accommodate for maintenance; it will be posted on our website and social media. Advance notice will be given if available.

Failure to comply with the above Rules and Regulations could result in revocation of membership 

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